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tl;dr: Here’s a commented sample project if you’re in a hurry

Windows Phone 8’s scrollviews have a property where if you scroll past the content area, the content is squished. Nokia’s App Social has a cool but subtle effect that takes advantage of this. If you’re looking at a recommendation list within the app and try pulling the list down, you’ll notice that the header image doesn’t scroll with the rest of the list. Instead, it scrolls slower than everything else, as well as expands to fill the space made by the squished scrollview.

If you’ve ever played with an iOS device, you should know this effect well, as it’s present in so many apps on that platform. My favorite example is probably within Day One, an awesome diary app, where within your diary entries you can set a header photo that behaves similarly.

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Just a small tip for a small problem I ran into.

If your WP app has voice commands defined, you’ll get a “Did You Know?” page where the user can see examples of all of the voice commands your app has. If you have a lot of voice commands available, it might get a bit messy.

What’s more confusing is that the order of the commands on this page probably won’t match up with the order you defined them in your VCD file.

It turns out that they’re displayed in alphabetical order, with the key being the Name attribute of your Command object, which means that you can adjust your names to order them how you want, perhaps by prepending them with letters or numbers.

In my particular case, that means that my commands would go from

<Command Name="SearchPokemon" />
<Command Name="SearchMoves" />
<Command Name="SearchTypes" />
<Command Name="SearchDualTypes" />

to the following with numbered prefixes

<Command Name="00_SearchPokemon" />
<Command Name="01_SearchMoves" />
<Command Name="02_SearchTypes" />
<Command Name="03_SearchDualTypes" />

If you plan on inserting more commands later on, you’ll have to rename older ones to get the order you want, so I’d recommend using string.Contains("base-name-of-command") rather than equality checks in your code so that even if the prefix changes, your code will still work without having to do a million find-and-replaces.