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Note: This post was originally featured on Excessive Furniture, a blog for my final project course at UCSD.

We did it!

It’s been an extremely long ten weeks. We all spent most of our time on this project (to the point where I personally didn’t go to any of my other classes’ lectures!), and even though we didn’t end up having to pull any all-nighters (save for Dexter, but those were totally of his own free will) we obviously put a lot of effort into things. Jeff has considerably more lines than us because he committed his 167 code to the repo. Elton doesn’t have many lines because he forgot to commit with his Github email :(

Now that everything has been finalized, let’s talk about the ten weeks in detail.

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Note: This post was originally featured on Graphical Blues, a blog for my Advanced Graphics course

For my final project, I worked on implementing image quilting — generating larger versions of smaller images that approximate the textures of the original image. Below are some of the original textures that’ll we be trying to expand.

The general algorithm works best with images that already have the general texture “appearance”. As we’ll see later, it doesn’t work very well on non-textural images.

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